Razorback Mowers: The Ultimate All Terrain 4WD Mower!

Welcome to the Razorback Mower website. Here you will find all the information you need about these amazing Japanese 4WD mowers, including the engineering behind them, and the physics that allow you to mow on steep slopes with a mower that can withstand rocky conditions like no other slope mower. You have to watch the videos to believe just what they can do!

The Razorback All Terrain Mower range is comprised of:

  • 2WD 14HP model - CM1401
  • 4WD 14HP model - CMX1402
  • 4WD 18HP model - CMX186
  • 4WD 22HP model - CMX227
These are amazing all terrain mowers with a multitude of features that are unique to this range. Be sure to have a good look through the Mower Platform section or watch a video or two!
  • Shaft driven cutter deck
  • Selectable mechanical 4WD – just like a "Cruiser or Patrol"
  • Cuts saplings up to 36mm in diameter 
  • Mows a beautiful lawn as well as rough terrain
  • Hydrostatic drive in front of the mechanical drive train
  • Easy operation – forward and backward foot control
  • Safety on slopes - selectable “limited slip” diff lock system
  • Dual ratio high and low ratio gearbox
  • Subaru/Robin engines
  • EU certification on each model
  • Comfort - fully adjustable steering angle, reach and suspension seat
  • Both mechanical and hydrostatic brake
  • Outstanding quality engineering from Canycom Japan!


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